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Fondia Plc: Half-yearly Financial Report January–June 2024

Fondia will publish the Half-yearly Financial Report January–June 2024 on Thursday August 22, 2024, at approximately 8.30 a.m. EEST.


Fondia Plc: Business Review January–March 2024 has been published

Fondia has published the Business Review January–March 2024. The Business Review and a video of the CEO’s presentation as well as the presentation material will be available later on the company’s website here.

The recording of the investor call held on Thursday April 25, 2024 at 10.00 a.m. EEST is available here.


Annual General Meeting of Fondia Plc

Fondia's Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday 20 March 2024 at 13.00 at the company's premises at Aleksanterinkatu 11, Helsinki.

Company releases on the decisions of the Annual General Meeting and the constitutive meeting of the Board of Directors can be read here.


Podcast Johdon agendalla : Harri Savolainen: The role of a pioneer requires commitment and involvement of the whole organisation

Fondia marks its 20th anniversary this year. Harri Savolainen, the company's CEO, opens up about the company's unique journey through two decades. Listen to the podcast here (podcast is in Finnish).


Celebrating 20 Years of Fondia: Rewriting the Legal Industry.

As we embark on our 20th anniversary journey, we invite you to take a glimpse into the story of Fondia – a tale of innovation, dedication, and unwavering commitment to reshaping the legal landscape.

Founded in 2004, we began with a vision centered on three foundational principles: prioritizing clients, fostering a nurturing workplace culture, and embracing cutting-edge technology. These principles have not only guided us but have also formed the very essence of who we are.

Experience the Fondia story in a mini-documentary - two decades of growth and transformation. Discover our past, witness our present, and envision our future: Fondia 20 Years Mini-documentary.

Latest company releases

You can find the company releases also from here.

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Human innovator in the legal sector



It all comes down to our values. Our values don't just drive how we treat each other; they drive how we work and solve our customers' needs.


Rewriting the legal industry

Fondia provides services with an innovative approach and a human touch, supported by a strategy that focuses on our customers, our culture and continuous development.


Work culture

Thanks to Fondia's unique working culture and fair working community, it's fun to come to work even on Monday mornings! We are a responsible employer and our values underpin everything we do.

Watch recordings

See the financial reports and other recordings in video format here!

Finland's Strongest Platinum Certificate

For several consecutive years, Fondia has been ranked among the strongest companies in Finland in the Finnish rating by Asiakastiedo. As a result, we have been awarded with the "Finland's Strongest Platinum" certificate. The certificate is only available to companies that have been among the strongest companies in Finland for at least three consecutive years. Fondia has been among the Strongest in Finland from 2009 to 2023.

The Finnish Strongest Platinum Certificate is a sign to customers and partners alike of the company's positive financial performance, creditworthiness, background and good payment behaviour. The credit rating is based on financial, background and payment information, among other things.

A certified workplace

In 2023, Fondia earned the Future Workplaces certificate. Future Workplaces is a certification granted to workplaces, where company culture is led with exceptional employee insight. Future Workplaces recognizes the front-runners.

Fondia as a company

Fondia was founded in 2004 and has since then been providing its clients with high quality business law services in new and innovative ways. For more information about Fondia as a company, please visit our website in addition to these pages.